Design Co.
Design Co.

Create your heart out with the ability to easily drop, drag, and swap out content.
Built with strategy &elevated style, designed for that WOW factor!   
With a collection of resources you can get your website up and running in a weekend! or if you prefer I can customize it for you.

Easy to edit with no coding or
technical skills

Launch a website you can use 

My collection of templates is up to Showit's standards for site built quality,  functionality& general awesomeness'.

All templates are built after research is conducted in the specific niche the template will be built to optimize. Strategy is devised for the whole site and then for each page to maximize harmony & flow (this helps in converting readers into customers).

Last we test the website & test again before making it available.
Checking every button & link,
so you don't have to.

Signature collection


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full template

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& Honey

optimized for:

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Word wizards, content writers, copywriters, coaches or virtual assistants.

Individual works,
Fine Art, Tattoo, Sketch, Illustration design
Front facing gallery's.

Collection based work & individual work
Multiple gallery's
Surface & Pattern design, Illustration

full template

optimized for:

optimized for:

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step six

New blog? Send Showit a request to have a WordPress account. This is included in your subscription (level 2 & 3). Have a blog? Request a blog Migration from Showit.

Setting up the blog

step five

This is where the fun begins! Start customizing your DIY website in no time, either on your own or with our customization service.

Start customizing or Michelle

step four

Choose a  template that you  love and customize anything and everything to your hearts content. Make it  yours and to match your brand & business needs.

Choose a template
that works for you

step three

Purchase a subscription from Showit.
There are 3 levels to choose from.
Level 1 is for no blog, Level 2 is for a basic blog, and level 3 is for the advanced bloging.

Get yourself a Showit subscription 

step two

Purchase a domain name example form a domain hosting company like Google Domains, Cheap Domain Names, ext. 

Buy a domain

step one

How does it work?

Helllllp me !